Helping you stay on the right path
Day to Day reduces relapse among people overcoming drug or alcohol problems and provides free evaluation for participating organizations.Day to Day reduces relapse by mobilizing and organizing a network of people who support your abstinence. The system provides you with daily feedback on progress on the quality of recovery and reports that can point out specific things you can do to reduce the chance of relapse. The support and daily feedback help you to stay motived and on the road to recovery.

Day to Day is easy and convenient to use. Using your smart phone or computer, you simply take two to four minutes each day to answer questions about things that affect your daily risk of relapse. You then receive immediate feedback on the quality of your recovery, including a probability of relapse and reports summarizing how you are doing. When you sign up, you can nominate an unlimited number of people who support your recovery as members of your social network. You can send them notes about how you are doing and they automatically receive alerts and reports so they can easily stay up on how you are doing and offer timely help when things are not going well. This daily routine helps you stay on the right path by organizing your recovery support network and providing daily feedback on recovery progress, one day at a time.

Day to Day is not a replacement for counselors, therapists, support network of friends and family, or 12-step and other mutual help programs; rather, it provides daily structure that dramatically improves your odds for lasting recovery.

Addiction is a Chronic Relapsing Condition
The U.S. National Institute of Healthdescribes addiction as a chronic relapsing condition. Sadly, research indicates that more than 60% of all people treated for chemical addictions relapse in the year following treatment, most of them in their first 90 days. Relapse is dramatically reduced among people who use a large social support network. That’s why we recommend that you organize a large recovery support network using Day to Day for the first full year of continuous abstinence.

Invest in Recovery
The cost of Day to Day is low, trivial compared to the money lost each month of active addiction. We ask for a 3-month investment in your recovery at $10 / month or $30 total. If you don’t have the money or a credit card, the sign-up includes simple steps to allow your subscription to be paid by a friend or family member. We recommend you use Day to Day throughout your first “high risk” year of recovery.

The Program Evaluation tools are provided free to any agency that recommends Day to Day to their clients. Organizations wishing to implement program evaluation-should contact us to set up a demonstration or get started.

Altus Recovery Naming and Logo
We (see about us) created a suite of products that help people in recovery from chronic conditions under a brand name of Altus Recovery. The name “Altus” was taken from a Latin word describing a high degree of depth, height and maturity; this is a good description of growth in recovery. Our logo suggests the image of a road, which represents the Altus road to recovery. The rock formations featured on this page are cairns, symbols of important events used to mark one’s journey, just as using the Altus tools helps you to stay on the right path by organizing your social support network and giving you daily feedback on your recovery.